• Quality has been the primary focus and to this end the company acquired the ISO 9002 certification in October 1997. The Quality Management System of Flexothene Plastics (Pty) Ltd is based on the principles of ISO 9001 (2008). The management and staff of Flexothene are committed to conforming and adhering to the requirements at all times.

In addition Flexothene has in 2013 archieved ISO 9001 accreditation, ISO 22000 accreditation and HACCP (SANS 10330) accreditation in order to conform to internationally acceptable food safety standards.

We believe that adhering to these requirements will facilitate and assist us in striving towards creating and maintaining the type of ethos, work ethic and company culture that has always been our aim. The overall goal of our Quality Management System is to provide products that meet customer requirement and specifications on a consistent basis,and to provide the best possible quality of product and the best possible quality of service at a competitive price, thus ensuring satisfied customers and a profitable company.

To achieve the above goal we espouse the following as being basic objectives of our Quality Management System:

To conduct Management Reviews to ensure that Quality Management System is effective in meeting customer requirements as well as to identify opportunities for continual improvement of the management system.

To develop our employees and suppliers to strive for continuous improvement of their work processes. To ensure customer satisfaction as well as to emphasise the prevention of errors rather than detection and correction.

To ensure that quality is a line function and the responsibility of every employee.

To continue to motivate, train, and educate all staff in the correct procedures and attitudes to produce defect-free products and good service that meet customer specification and requirements.

To contribute to the profit objectives of the company by minimizing defects and waste and increasing productivity.

To maintain the Quality Control / Assurance department as an independent department reporting directly to top management.

To act with integrity in all we do whilst ensuring the highest degree of quality.

Quality is a line function and the responsibility of every employee.

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